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Mercy, Ohio is a city currently in the planning stages. It is expected to be a whopping 646 by 464 blocks. It will consist of Commercial, Residential and some Industrial off to the side. The size of a city block in Mercy will be 45×45, and the city will be made up of 110 of these! The roadways will be 7 blocks wide, the vehicles driving on with the vehicles driving on them being 3 wide. There will also be a moderately sized airport and an Air Force Base a bit out of the way. While the cars will be blocky and look nothing you see on the road today, the aircraft will be very similar to their real-life counterparts! Mercy is scheduled to come out Mid-to-Late 2017, and the USAF Airbase will be built and added after that. 

Listen below are some of the vehicles you’ll see.

Mercy Firetrucks

Mercy Policecars






And many more!


Listed below are a few of the aircraft that will be used.

General Dynamics (Lockheed) F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler.

Lockheed U-2

Boeing C-17 Globemaster

And many more!

Comment any ideas you have, for a chance to have a street named after you!  And tune back in around August 2017!

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