How do I submit content?

Under each section there is a button on the top right to submit content for that section. Some sections like pocketmine and tutorials require your submission to be approved before it go’s live.

How can I change my avatar?

Click where it says “Howdy, [username]” All the way on the top right of the website. From there it will bring you to your profile where you can change your avatar as well as other profile settings

Who are the current staff members of the site?

Here is the Current Staff of MCPEUniverse:

  • SPL1TR/MCPEPorts: Site Creator and Owner
  • PocketMines: Site Moderator
  • Iksaku: Site Moderator


  • CozyDude: Site Moderator
  • LLom007: Site Admin (Semi-Retired)
  • imNikkoTV: Site Moderator
  • xDarkAbsolute: Site Moderator
  • FloppyDash: Community/Twitter Manager

What can I report?

On any submission you can report it if you think it’s inappropriate, stolen content, or disallowed content.

This means you can report a post if:

  • The download link goes to a spam website (ad.fly doesn’t count)
  • The picture is irrelevant. Eg, a picture of a dog instead of a seed
  • The content is made by somebody else and uploaded without permission
  • Or the submission contains inappropriate stuff, like bad words or images. If you wouldn’t show it to a preschooler, it shouldn’t be on here.

This means you cannot report a post if:

  • You just want to say hi
  • The server has something you don’t like
  • Or anything else not mentioned above.

Thank you for helping MCPE Universe be a friendlier place.

I submitted a texture pack but it’s not showing up?

We now moderate all texture packs, as too many ports were being uploaded without he creators permission. Your texture pack will be approved as long as it has a screenshot of the creators permission, or upload an original texture pack.

How do I edit my post once it is submitted?

That’s easy :) We have a special dashboard where you can view all your submissions and edit or delete any one of them. The dashboard can be accessed from the sidebar on PC and the main menu on Mobile or you can access it from this link¬†http://mcpeuniverse.com/dashboard

I have submitted a Pocketmine server and it’s not showing up.

Only servers which are online will show up on the servers page.

Is there a way I can get more information about the site?

Yes. As you can see, at the bottom of the right sidebar is the twitter scroller for the site. If you would like, go follow MCPEUniverseWEB, the official twitter for our site.

Can I be on the site staff? I want to help out too!

We are currently not in need of any more staff members at the moment. The best way you can help, is too report those who steal content, have inappropriate behavior, or treat others with disrespect to any of the site staff. Thanks for your help!

Who has helped contribute to the site?

  • AloneHorizon¬†: Created the website header/banner.
  • Lachlan :Helped develop some features for the site.
  • WilliamTDR : Helped improve loading times and the user experience.