New MCPE Realms Servers To Be Given Out This Thursday

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New Realms server will be given out this Thursday and Friday according to the lead realms developer @mamirm




So a total of 3,000 new servers will be given out at 3 set times during Thursday and Friday with 1,000 tokens each time. When the new realm servers are being given out a “New” button will appear next to the edit button under the Play on Realms section. BMfCzbVCYAAiMYW

Good luck to those who have not yet been able to play on Realms.

Check back here for the exact time when new servers will be give out. You can also check If the world creation is set to “Enabled” that means you can create a server.


Here are the exact times the new realms will be give out.250 servers will be given out each time

Thursday: 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 5PM, 9PM, 12AM. EST

Friday: 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 5PM, 9PM, 12AM. EST

Here is a timezone converter

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Just a dude who enjoys Minecraft
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    • clan11

      when will the mcpe universe server be online

      • tike

        Who said there will be one?

        • mineocraftmc

          MCPEUniverse, since I last checked when I was here :P had a Pocketmine server.

      • DragonSlayer062

        Add me plzz my ign is Dragon_Slayer062

      • http://Www.pocketmine.m Miner of dimionds

        When can we join?

    • Julioplaysmcpe

      I can’t wait :D

    • manup3210

      Oh my god am so freaking happy …i toldy cousin already and he got so happy he started to scream. ..:))

    • mcdj23

      Yes I can’t wait

    • masterbuilderxx

      A token? What on earth is that?

      • tike

        A thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of something abstract

        • tike

          Or imagine it as a stone. This stone allows 1000 people to make their own realm

    • kixhd

      Yeah! Hope I manage to get one this time! :D

    • tike

      What i’ve always been waiting for… A Realm! Can’t wait for this xD

    • indydutch

      BTW, @jbernhardsson just tweeted a pic and it had sideways wood blocks! So I’m guessing they will be added in 8.0.

    • GalileoEpic


    • GalileoEpic

      Epic sideways

    • arnperk43

      i hope i get one :D

    • JohnnjayB1999

      Hopefully I get one or get invited

    • kixhd

      So excited! Hope I manage to get one this time! :D

    • bashzonleon

      heck yeah

      • Dmarette98

        What up

    • manilacraft

      I iust got my realm!!!

      Hell yeah!

    • indydutch

      I don’t care if I get one, all I want is to at least to be able to play on realms for free.

    • bashzonleon

      me too

    • indydutch

      BTW, @_tomcc tweeted a pic of 0.8.0 and it had clouds and big render distance on just a iPad mini! Also he tweeted that in 0.9.0 their would be caves and tall grass! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • indydutch

      3D clouds*

    • wbls1998

      How do I enter?

      • mineocraftmc

        You don’t get enter.. It’s like a Black Friday thing where they release some stuff and you try to grab one. First come first serve.

        • Dmarette98

          That is prettyawesome

    • indydutch

      6 mins till next batch

    • indydutch

      My game didnt get updated in time ;(

    • Please!!!!

      If you got a server, invite me. XXTUSHAYXX

      • Dmarette98

        That’s how we do it

    • Dalbright


    • darksword123456

      add me if you have a realms server i’am:

    • Zero014026

      Are you giving out realms or inviting people just in case user name is c178

    • Zero014026

      Please add me or give me a realm please man please ING is c178

    • Baminyaface


    • pro

      How can I get (I don’t understand)

    • pro9899

      Come on

    • pro9899

      Add my name is pro 9899

      • OPsteve

        We know

    • indydutch

      So, Tommaso Checchi just tweeted this a while ago –
      Tommaso Checchi @_tomcc
      So, infinite worlds are working in MCPE! Until it’s killed by the OS because it drinks all the memory it can, of course. Progress for 0.9!

    • Pufferc5


    • Pufferc5

      Cool sever

    • Pufferc5


    • Pufferc5

      When is the next batch

    • king24rad

      hay when it on im ther its 9:00

    • Crazyallen2001real

      It was so DAM HARD! Gone under 10 sec. OMG Minecraft

    • Tmhan2001

      I wanna play

    • Baminyaface

      My realms always says its down and they might be working towardthebeta realease

    • KnightRider

      Hopefully I will get to try one of these soon.

      I wish they would just release this service when it is READY.
      Not tease us with a non-working realms for several months.

    • Axkontn615

      Add me name axkontn615

    • billydilly

      I Wanna Play :(

    • Thething2003

      Plez plezzzzz add me me ign is Thething2003

      • koongli48


    • KTMetcalfe

      do u need a mojang approved realms acount

    • KTMetcalfe

      oh nvrmd its to late

    • darkfirekid

      if anyone have a servers pls add me darkfirekidwrath

    • BlazingFire008

      whoever wins whitelist me Blazing_Fire_007

    • NikoRoadkill

      hey I want to join a server realms who added me?


      hey, please add me to your server im DARK_HARLEM

    • Eli

      Add me im ghastyy with 2 ys

    • rere

      Add my pls my name is GianniPlay



    • Minerpikachu

      Add me in the server

    • Minerpikachu

      P.s my name is minerpikachu

    • Jesse Lopez

      PLZ,PLZ,PLZ LET me join servers I’m not a griefer I’m good at finding bugs and I love minecraft my name is Legit_KRAFTER

    • MrCraftDaddy

      IGN: MrCraftDaddy

    • Mourad

      Pls add me I now notch and I can do anything for you im serious my name is mouradbsk

    • Adam

      Plz add me name adam123c

    • Bllurgzy

      Add me Finny42685

    • SammyMexican194

      Add Me IGN:SammyMexican194

    • JoshuaM39

      Pls add me IGN: JoshuaM39 i have never been in a realms server before so if u mine to add me i would be happy to see how it works :))

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