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We have Factions, DuelPVP, Roleplay, and PVPArena. There is more to come… So come play and stay updated


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Blood Paradox PvP Pack 16x

Second Paradox Pack of the week, so I used the same thumbnail. Because the theme of this is blood, I decided to add a little more red to the weapons and armour, just so it fits what it means. Enjoy!

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PinoyMCPE (Includes a Variety of Minigames!)

This server is a Filipino server! Feel free to say “Kamustas” to one another.


This server includes : 



-Shops & Economy



-Hunger Games

-Everything you can think of!


What are you waiting for? Join now!

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Paradox PvP Pack v1 16x

Enjoy the first version of the Paradox PvP Pack! I will be releasing a few more Paradox packs later on through the week, stay tuned!

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CrazyCraft Mod – Bosses, Ores, Mobs, new craftings!!!!!

The CrazyCraft mod adds a load of new items, blocks, and mobs into Minecraft Pocket Edition! Type /id in the chat to be given all Ids!

It adds…

New Items!

Watershards, a new craftable mineral you can make a sword with!

Fireshards, same as the Watershard but with fire!

Rubies, a mineral that will generate randomly!

Ultimate shards!

New Blocks!

Ruby Ore, a retexture of a sponge, with properties of stone!

Fire/Watershard blocks!

Elemental Block!

Ruby Block!

New swords!

Ultimate Sword!

Fireshard Sword!

Watershard Sword!

Ruby Sword!

New mobs!

Elemental Mobs!

Steve Npc!

Alex Npc!



The Water Boss!

The Fire Boss


And New crafting/smelting recipes!

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