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Batalla de castillos

Increíble mapa de batalla, su objetivo es robar la palanca del equipo enemigo y regresar a tu castillo con ella, colocarla sobre el diamante y hacer explotar al castillo enemigo

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The Mall- PvP arena

The Mall is a multiplayer map where you buy gear from small “shops” and fight against your foes!

Texture pack:

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Sphax PureBDCraft

PureBDCraft makes textures so much more smooth and just overall makes the game look nicer

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Prisonminer Rankup

Prison Miner is the server that will blow your mind
-Prestige Mines:A-Z A1-Z1 A2-Z2 A3-Z3
-Outstanding Builders: I have never seen people who can build like we can
-Donation ranks: Each rank has access to special perks and mines
-Donator Ranks: Earn up to 100+ Keys just from one donation
-Donation Rewards: Earn ranks, large sums of money, custom names, lots of crate keys, Vaults
-FREE Plots: Tired of paying for plots? No need here just grab one for FREE
-Extreme Small world size with no rule survival
(small to keep things action packed)
-PvP Arena: Can be spectate from spawn
-PvP Arena: PvP Arena under spawn to take loot and gain money
-Vote Rewards: Get Mystery Crate Keys for each vote
-Voter Ranks: Vote 10 times for Voter and obtain Keys via mining and voting
-Supporter Rank: Vote 20 tim...

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Alto shader 3.0

Alto Shader is a lightweight shader which has been optimized specifically for low-end Android and iOS devices. At this point it’s quite limited in its offerings, but it’s still a good improvement (assuming you like shaders) to the overall graphics of the game. It’s primarily the sky and shadows which look different. Also the water looks slightly more realistic.



Reversed back to plain block design
Waves for water disabled because of a Minecraft bug (1.1.1), relating to Ultra pack
Added cloud system
Fixed reappearing block shadow when raining
All new sounds (ultra), new weather sounds (medium)
Brighter mobs
Smoother torch color effect
Better underwater waving effect
Waving plants
Disabled too bright sky outline
Bug fixes and improvements


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