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Halloween Pack

Halloween Pack Now available for your Spooo000ooky needs and recordings!

Make sure to give me credit 



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EVO Shader Mod V1.1 “Unbelievable” (Updated)

EVO V1.1 ChangeLog Feature : (MCPE 0.16.0+)

+Contain Old Feature EVO V1.0


1.Add DOF blue fog near distance
2.Add realistic orange-yellow heat torch light
3.Now torch is not lighty in out side of shadow
4.Add torch blur effect near fog
5.Add reddish torch light behind fog when rainy
6.Add adaptive torch light Behind Light And Shadow
7.Add realistic darkness in shadowing
8.Add realistic darkness night light
9.Add ambient fog when sunset or sunrise
10.Add natural water color
11.Add calm wavy water and grass wavy
12.Mob now rendered behind fog
13.Add optimized lighting on mob
14.Add realistic cloud and height water with X(Horizontal) POSITION will render fully
16.Add ranged blue fog in long distance
17.Add realistic darkness rain
18.Add absolute darkness In depth of shadowing (cave)

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Vindicator Add-On

For those who don’t know what a Vindicator is, Vindicator is a new mob added this version of Minecraft (PC). It is a renegade vilager. If you want, you can tame him, so he does everything you want him to do. Watch out, he will attack you!! :D

Resource pack is already included in the download!

All download links are in because I need support to keep developing the mods. Thanks so much!

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Voxelation Mod by th3charaf

This mod adds 17 furniture blocks which can be used to decorate your creations in Minecraft. One thing which makes this mod stand out is that they are all 3D blocks. This is especially noticable for the furnace and tables. It’s still in its early stages of development and as a result it’s a quite basic mod and doesn’t provide much use beyond just looking really cool.

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Glacier Pack (0.16.0)

Enjoy today’s pack!

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