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Redstone Turkish Mansion

Redstone Lux Konağı 0.15.0+

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You must follow The direction of arrow of the torch in the picture you should also use the herb of night vision we make Mcpe V 0.16.0 alpha build links and >> <<

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Horse Race

Only 5-2 players are allowed to play

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Mapa de BUHC

El mejor mapa de buhc para tener un PvP puro y sin molesties que les aparescan arañas zombies esqueletos etc. por las noches

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SetHome Mod!

Never lose your home again with this easy-to-use mod!


/sethome | Sets Your Home!

/home      | Teleport to Your Home!

How to use:

go to where you’re house is and type /sethome

then when you’re done mining or whatever just do /home to teleport to your house!

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