Monthly Archives March 2016

DevTools [v1.2]

A simple mod that brings more accessibility and and options for your game! This mod adds in multiple commands such as /tp and /give and has 20+ commands! This mod is essential for testing things on survival worlds with ease!

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Boss pe

4 new boss

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Flaming Arrow Machine Gun

This is my first map hope you enjoy using and copy my design

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Call Of Duty Zombie [MOD] – Estruturas / Armas / Spawn de Zumbis Aleatorio / Cabana/ Torre e Mais….

Tenha seu MCPE mais aterrorizante e mais hardcore… boo!

se voce gravar este mod deixa creditos mod com copyright ender team creditos para este canal copie este link na URL do seu navegador ” ” 

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Épico Minijuego c/Redstone/Epic Minigame c/Redstone [0.14.X]


Bueno chicos luego de un tiempo no muy lejano :3 les traigo otro Minijuego automatizado con Redstone, el cual este es un poco más largo y de estrategia :D, espero os guste…
Pronto haré otro…


Well then guys from the not too distant time :3 bring you another automated Minigame with Redstone, which this is a bit longer and strategy :D, I hope you like it …
Soon I will make another …

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