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peace ville

creative, flat,trying to build a village

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BaconCraft V2

Have fun in the cool new sexy server 

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GRAVESTONE MOD v2 MCPE 0.12.1(Sin Crasheo)

Hola Este mod como ya saben permite recupera todas nuestras cosas cuando se muera en cualquier lugar del mundo minecraft PE.

*Al Morir se genera una tumba donde se guardan todas tus cosas.

*Recupera todo los objetos perdidos. (inventario y armadura).Todo

la contraseña del mod estará en:

Si eres un buen amigo valora el esfuerzo  :)


Hi This mod allows Recovers As already know all our stuff when you die anywhere in the world in Minecraft PE .

* At death it generates a tomb where all your stuff is stored.

* ALL Recovers Lost Objects . (Inventory and Armor ) .All

The mod will be in Password :

If you 're a good friend Rate effort:)


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Mod Clash of Clans



  • elixir W.I.P
  • Dark elixir W.I.P
  • Gold W.I.P
  • Gems W.I.P
  • X-bow
  • Trampoline (just got bored:D)
  • Barb spawner
  • Archer spawner
  • Archer queen spawner
  • Barb king spawner
  • Balloon
  • Wizard







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MegaMod v2

Hey there,

I just wanted to show you guys the mod I’m working on…

The mod is not undone, but I’m updating it at least once per week and you’ll receive the update automatically in BlockLauncher…

This mod lets you do literally everything… It adds dozens of features, blocks, items and commands to make sure you’ll get the maximum MCPE experience you’ll never have without this mod…

If there is any feature in your mind that is not in the mod yet, you can simply join the MegaMod community on Google+ and submit your idea, then I’ll add it into the mod and update it so you can enjoy whatever you could imagine…

Give it a try!

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