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Coolest Survival Map

lifeboats added to the ship!! have fun !!! 

A loimage386t of secret tunnels, soccer field, cinema, airplane, tree house, football field, pirate ship, house in the air, and muchmore!!!  Better if you play it with friends. Have fun finding the secrets on this map.

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Jhcraft PE

Jhcraft is a Fun Server with friendly ops
If u have any problems loggin in,
go to our website.

We have the following features in our server!!
1. We have economy which enable players to buy and sell stuff on the server!
2. We have PVP which allows players to battle each other and get loots
3. We have chest protection to protect your chests.
4. We have spawn protection at all maps to prevent spawn kills
5. We have events which enables you to get many cool items and armour
6. We have rewards when you vote for our sever.
7. We are open 24/7 except for server maintenance.
8. We have a friendly group of ops who do not abuse their power.
9. We have many different maps to allow people to enjoy themselves in minecraft in many ways!
At Jhcraft PE you have another level of enjoying minecraft pe!


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this is just a little house but looks boss

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Montaña Rusa de Año Nuevo

Montaña rusa de año nuevo, si grabas da créditos con este post o pon mi canal de YouTube The Seven Gamer. Twitter: @SevenGamer1


Feliz Año Nuevo 2015! :D

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my server

Its awesome

And fun


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