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Best parcore

Awesome minecraft pe parcore

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Hopper Escape

You have to escape bedrock walls and activate a Nether Reactor to complete the map.

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(Preview) Steve Miner: The Return of a Hero

Hello, Theblazingdarkzone here with pre-release pictures of part 2 of the Steve Miner Trilogy: Steve Miner: The Return of a Hero. This map is takes place 5 years after the events of Minecraft PE: Legend of Steve Miner. There will be new goals (6 story,easy,normal,hard,extreme,hardcore,and impossible), a new story/abventure, New land, missons and rewards, the grave of fallen heros (20 youtubers and 20 map makers (mcpe youtubers)), and the death of Herobrine.

Ps. If your a youtuber or map maker and want your name seen in one of the 40 graves, please put your YouTube name or map maker name in the comments below.

The Map will be out some time in January. Thank you and Darkzone out.

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Sphax 0.8.0 Mi Primera Textura


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The Walls

Spawn in Mountin biomes near Lava & Water with 37 Coal and 8 Gold Under spawn!

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