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It’s a hunger games PVP server


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PrefiX Server

A server where you can build team with your mates and PvP Is onn!! PocketMoney is included

to buy stuff. Im still developing the server. But other than that come on and have fun!  

(Sometimes the server may be whitelisted because of lagg, so please put your igns in the comments section) You cant move? This is because you have to register. To do this, say /register (and your password you want after. for example /register james454 and every time you come on it would say /login so login with your password you registered with. example: /login james454. 


And thats how to get in!


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Hi Guys And I’am back with another Creation Map and another Water Park Called BarceWaterPark (BARCELONA)
Q: Another Water Park
A: I Make this for you because my freshwaterpark seems have many downloads far but the theme is a like natureforest now barcewaterpark theme is modern green and this is more large than the previous one now anyway this water park contains
OVER 15+ specialized pools
SPECIALIZED SLIDE with matching green
Fountain of Few
The Event Stage
Multiplayer games like
The Arrow Race- This is a race which have water slides up and down both their fun but when your playing survival you may Have some Arrows And hit your friend so the survivor wins
WavePool- Race across the finish line first but matching twist there are some archers or players with equipped dam...

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Journey in the Sky

My first map and a different version of skyblock. Enjoy and wait for more maps!

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creative server

do not grief

to be whitelisted you have to show proof that your a good builder follow me at @Clan_ken11 on twitter and send me a picture of one of your best builds and ill decide if ill add you

NO GRIEFERS are aloud 

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