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How to make an amazing water pattern

Ask before making a video.


Written Tutorial:

1. Make a 6×6 square.

2. Dig the centre so that it is 2 blocks deep.

3. Place 4 blocks in the middle.

4. Place 1 block in each corner.

5. Place water or lava on each of the placed blocks.

~~Still having trouble? Watch the video tutorial attached to this post.~~

Have a Great Day! :)

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Minecraft PE: Nether Brick Parkour 0.7.5

Hey guts we have a new map but it is a shorter map but it is fun to play.So hope you guys enjoy this map and the next one is a harder map to build so, i do not have the exact date it will come out but, when it is finished you guys will love it.

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Its a work on progress, im gona make it like rpg game :D

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Hawaii craft

It is a cool place to talk and build and also mine with this server.

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iamedsel1’s Creative Server

Creative server.

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