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Minecraft Pocket Edition Server from Thailand
With Plugin, Addons, And more fun

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ApexNation – Walls Server

ApexNation Walls Servers


MCPE Walls Servers. The only ones you’ll find on MCPE. Custom made plugins and gameplay so you’ll have the best Game Experience in your life.

Lag free servers, so you may play how the game was intended.

Server Location

 Our servers are located in different locations all around the globe. Locations as far as Tokyo, JP to the U.S. Each server is placed in the best area possible so you may play lag free.

Strong Servers

Our servers are made with State of the Art technology. We have cutting edge servers that keep the servers as lag free as possible.

Custom Plugins

Our programmers write the best custom plugins possible. Exclusively for our walls servers. You won’t find them anywhere else on MCPE. OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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Parkour Legions v1.0

My first map

please comment on what v2’s theme will be

And Slap that like button :)

Sorry 4 the lak of pics :(


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Temple of Baconaters

This is a VERY short map! Dedicated to AceCraftGaming! Based off The MCPE Podcast #6 ft. AceCraftGaming! 

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Pac-Man 3.0 Retro Edition

Pac-Man 3.0 Retro Edition

by rubikcubezzz

If you never heard or played pacman before this can help you Posted Image This game is meant for 4 players, 1 person is pacman and the rest are ghost. Pacmans objective is to collect all 178 sand blocks before you run out of lives (3). The sand blocks are all around the map. What the ghost has to do is try to kill pacman and not to let him collect all the sand. There are 4 power-ups all around the map that are swords. What is so special about these is it can kill a ghost and they have to start from the spawn.

- 25 seconds of invincibility for pacman once the game starts

-swords as a power-up instead of flint and steal

-sand replacing wool

-diamond shovels

-new spawn

-new character selection

Rules are in the game

 Thanks and have fun playing it with your fri...

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